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Comfort In Childbirth
Education Series

A comprehensive four part childbirth education series. This class compiled by an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator teaches you everything you need to know to have a baby.

Spinning Babies 
Parent Class

Gail Tully's new birth paradigm in a class for parents. A physiological approach to childbirth that adds invaluable knowledge and techniques to complement any comprehensive childbirth class.

What is Spinning Babies? - A New Paradigm of Birth - Spinning Babies

Comfort In Childbirth &
Spinning Babies Parent Class

For participants who wish to attend both services:  It is best to sign up for the Spinning Babies Parent Class first (after your 20th week), then sign up for the Comfort In Childbirth series by 32 weeks.

Contact Sharon if you have any questions.

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